Intel Integrated Graphics aren't ALL bad!


I’ve seen quite a few posts that recommend either getting a computer that includes a dedicated graphics card or adding a dedicated graphics card to an existing computer because of many problems related to Intel integrated graphics processors.

And I think that’s painting with too broad a brush! I’ve been happily using my Lenovo X240 laptop (with two big screens when docked) and it’s dedicated Intel HD Graphics 4400 ever since I started using SketchUp. And I’ve never had a problem, nor needed to uncheck “Use Fast Feedback”.

Perhaps it’s because Lenovo does a better job of screening updates to the display drivers, or because the HD Graphics 4400 is one of the few (perhaps the only) Intel integrated graphics processors that don’t exhibit any of the reported problems.

Nonetheless, please - when disparaging Intel Integrated Graphics, use “most” instead of implying that problems exist with all of them!


the majority of mac books seem to cope with intel graphics as well…



I’ve been using a Lenovo Z70 with integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500 for about 3 years. I’ve been happy with it so far, it’s performed for what I need it to do. (Tempting fate again).


SketchUp relies on the OpenGL support of the graphics card driver, therefore macOS is regularly not affected by issues related to intel HDs because drivers for macOS are made by Apple themself (surely based on something the maker of the GPU is delivering) and not by the GPU makers as on WIndows.

Because intel HDs have shown in the past, that the OpenGL support depends on the used driver version which additionally might change with every future driver relase, at least recommending them is not recommended.

This does not mean that they do not work but do not claim if not.

Additionaly, the 3D throughput is simply slow because the integrated GPUs were never meant for nor dedicated to 3D modeling:


Agreed. “Most” Intel integrated video cards will not meet the minimum system requirements of SketchUp Pro from version 2017 and up.