Lines keep appearing when I orbit or move or zoom etc


I’m new to sketch up so bear with me

Whenever I click on my modem to zoom or orbit, my modem gets rid of textures such as wood and turns them to plain colours (grass will turn to a solid green) and also a load of black lines will show up on my model. This only happens when I click on stuff ! (You’ll have to click on the photo link because only 1 will show up when I’ve uploaded 2!)


Please read …

Texturing is the last step you do after modeling. You should have a dedicated modeling scene that uses a fast style in monochrome render mode.

Also … your profile does not say what your graphics card is. (2020 is not a graphics GPU.)

See: [Howto] Where to find Hardware Graphics Info for your SketchUp forum profile

The photo shows a moire pattern, but this may be from the camera.

Hi yeah it is from the camera but there’s another image link which shows what it looks like after you click on the model

Both images look kind of the same to me.

I suggest learning how to take a screen shot or screen clipping, instead of posting cellphone images.

This could be the integrated Intel graphics as they are not recommended for SketchUp.

On Macs, Apple supplies the graphics drivers and they usually are better than the drivers PC manufacturers supply.

from the MS Windows section of the SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements page

SketchUp’s performance relies heavily on the graphics card driver and its ability to support OpenGL 3.1 or higher. To test your graphics card’s compatibility, please download and run the SketchUp Checkup application. Historically, people have seen problems with Intel-based cards with SketchUp. We don’t recommend using these graphics cards with SketchUp at this time.

The losing of texture and showing of boxes is to make the orbiting keep up. When you stop dragging they will come back.

What is most likely being demanding enough for the textures to be hidden is your vegetation. If you could find a simpler version of those models everything will improve.

You also have been opening the backup file and not your working file. If you get a crash and open the file with a ~ in the name, and crash again, and then open the backup file, it then has two ~ in the name. Each time you’re doing that you are opening the copy of the previous saved file. The file without the ~ is going to be more recent.

Also, in the welcome screen there will be some thumbnails of a Recovered file. That one is more recent than your last saved file, you might try using that to lose the least amount of work.

In a case where you have good reason to open the backup file, like for example if you hate all of the recent changes you made, and want to go back to your previous version, then use the ~ version, but rename it to something without ~ in the name. Or open it and then save as to a new name.