Random axes keep appearing when orbiting and panning

i just downloaded the pro 2020 version. i need it for work, but am unable to do anything in the program because every time i pan or orbit, axes keep appearing. same thing happens when i import and autocad 2d drawing to use as a base, those lines also keep duplicating which makes it impossible to do anything. i have never had this issue before with previous versions. i had also tried with the 2021 pro version before uninstalling and downloading the previous version since i thought it might be a bug with 2021. see the image below for reference.

note - my system is up-to-date and i recently updated my graphics card.

That’s a graphics card issue. First, go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and check to see if your Nvidia graphics card is actually being used to display SketchUp.

Does that mean you put in a new graphics card? Or does that mean you installed new drivers? If the latter, did you get the graphics drivers from the manufacturer?

sorry, i meant the drivers which i got directly from nvidia. i have messed with the nvidia control panel settings to make sure sketchup and other programs are using it. i’ll give this a try though, but am not sure what to do if the problem continues to occur. thank you!

Inside SketchUp, open Preferences from the Window menu. Choose OpenGL, and then check the box next to Use fast feedback. That should cure the problem.

But, also follow Dave’s suggestion. I think your computer has an Intel GPU as well as the Nvidia one. At the moment the Intel GPU is being used, and my suggestion will fix that. Dave’s suggestion should lead to you getting better performance.

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