Screen glitches/patterns with pan and orbit


since the upgrade to Sketchup 2024 (was OK in previous version) some patterns appear towards the top of the screen. As you pan or orbit these patterns flash/come and go.

I suppose it is something with my graphic card in combination with the upgrade?

Any suggestions?

Try updating your graphic card driver from the nvidia site, and cold reboot your computer.
If that doesn’t work you can go to Window/Preferences/Graphics and tick Use classic graphics engine and see if that resolves it.

Try the latest driver for your GPU

here is the download link

I actually have an AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT and the driver is up to date.

Issue might be that I am running Windows 10… I really would not want to do that upgrade. Never touch a running system.

Please correct your profile, we need that info to be able to answer questions appropriately.
Be sure the driver is updated from the Manufacturers site, don’t let windows tell you it is up to date.

I was wondering how you were suggesting NVIDIA without knowing what graphic card I have. Now I know why you know :sweat_smile: Profile updated now.

PS: I just started Sketchup 2022 because I needed to save in an older version (since it looks like 2024 does not offer that). By doing so I can confirm that in 2022 these glitches were not there.

Did you try this?

I can change to variable refresh rate (did not change anything)
I tried changing the refresh rates (to those available) with no change.

A box to tic for using the classic graphic driver is not available

This is within sketchup, not a windows thing.
The window menu at the top.

That helps. Display glitches are gone.

Not sure now if it is worth pursuing for a solution with the new graphic engine? Who is in fault? I would be happy to make tests if needed.

Perhaps @colin could pass you on as a system that needs exploring to the relevant team.

We have a few issues that only happen with the new graphics engine, and there is a good chance that one fix will take care of several issues. Still, I haven’t seen your exact problem yet. Are you able to make a screen recording of it, assuming that the glitches change over time?

Here it is. Thank you for your help

That does look like a variation of one of the issues I’ve seen.