Design Not Rendering

When I launched Sketchup v8.0, it gave me a warning about OpenGL not setup or changed or something to that effect and that I may have tampered with the registry. Now I notice that when I orbit a design, it isn’t rendered while orbiting, only when I let go of the button on my mouse. I didn’t make any changes to settings.

That would indicate your model is so complex that your graphics card can’t keep up. SketchUp is designed to compensate for that by first disabling shadows, then textures, then faces to ease the load on the graphics card. Since you are using SketchUp 8 you might try turning off Hardware Acceleration in Preferences>OpenGL to see if your CPU can handle the model more easily than your graphics card. Note that integrated graphics cards like the one you list in your profile have never been recommended for use with SketchUp. Also Windows updates often contain driver updates for those integrated GPUs and it’s entirely possible that the drivers have changed to exceed that ancient version of SketchUp’s capabilities.

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The thing is it was working fine. I was running on battery power and thought the issue might be something to do with the card implementing power saving measures. However when I plugged in my adaptor, this didn’t rectify it. Possibly the problem is due to a Windows update. They’ve been causing havoc to my system and I’ve spent weeks of troubleshooting over the year.

Could be. As I wrote, Windows updates often have graphics drivers updates that break things. You can be certain that SketchUp 8 hasn’t changed. It hasn’t changed in nearly a decade.

It wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff and lighten the load on your graphics card by switching to the Monochrome face style and turning off Profile in the style.

So “Use Hardware Acceleration” was actually turned off. I turned it back on and rendering is now updating as I orbit. The refresh is quicker too. I’m wondering did a Windows update maybe change something in my power plan. It’s set to max performance in plugged in mode though.

It’s not unusual for that to happen.