When is Sketchup 2024 likely to arrive?

Since updating to Sonoma I can’t use Layout, it crashes as soon as I try to open it. I know from experience that you shouldn’t update IOS until Sketcuhp comes out with a working version, but I had set the Mac on automatic updating, which is among the stupidest things I’ve done. Kind regards, Patrick in Sweden

Sketchup 2024 will likely arrive on that exact moment when the Sketchup team decide to release and make it public.
Exactly the same as at any time before. There are no preannouncement or any kind of promise for the release date.

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Very soon. the signs are here :

  • the extension warehouse is listing SU24 in the compatibility list
  • users have downloaded models from the 3d warehouse that, when opened, prompts that they were made in a more recent version

The latest we’ve seen a version come out was 17 feb. I guess now we have a new record :slight_smile:
It could be today, or tomorrow.
Unlikely on Friday, only a madman would release such a massive update on a Friday :wink:


I´ve done the same recent updating of MacOS but have not had any problems in Layout. Did you report the crashing?

I also always am on the latest MacOS Update and so far it has been smooth sailing with Sketchup 2023. However, given that MacOS and Sketchup Major Updates have drifted quite far away from each other Sketchup should “simply” always release a compatibilty-point-update once the next MacOS Version is released. Takes the pressure off a bit.

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SketchUp 2024 will may be released at the end or March.

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I’m guessing Trimble’s hands are tied by the Apple induced Paint Bucket crash. They won’t release a new version knowing such a prominent bug would be active in a new release if they can’t find a workaround.

They indicated in the thread on that very topic that the issue has been fixed, so my guess is that it is not holding up the release.

yeah, they fixed it. Likely, they fixed on their part the way the action was called up to work with the new requirement.

They are still hoping Apple would fix it on their part, since it’s going to affect ALL pre 24 versions.

I am suffering from the dreaded paint bucket crash and now I can’t reorder pages in layout. really in need of a new version of SU as it is really becoming an unusable waste of time and money at the moment.

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its really high season for strange things on the Mac, I hope everything gets reported so nothing carries over to the new release. I did not have this particular problem.

No, where can I do that? Normally when something crashes, you get a window that asks if you want to report to Sketchup, but in this case I don’t get any window, just a report from Apple.

on this forum, in LayOut you can create a thread.

describe all you’re doing, if you can include a screen recording it can help. also, copy the whole apple crash report in a text file and upload it so devs can look at what went wrong.
include a layout file that is crashing, even if it’s empty in your case, so other users can try the same steps on their machine to help narrowing down the problem

in some cases, it’s not sketchup processes crashing, so you don’t get a bugsplat. it’s mac os that does the crashing here.

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Thanks Ateliernab for great input. Where exactly can I upload report to devs? Kind regards, Patrick

in your message.

create a new topic and right there in your text you can add images, videos and files.

Sans titre.txt (14 Bytes)

:grinning: :+1:

Performance increases? In Sketchup AND Layout. Please. Today!!!

I don’t believe ANYTHING said today…

True story - but the demo video of Ambient Occlusion sure looks real enough. :slight_smile: It would be the flecking tease of the century if this was a fake!