When is Sketchup 2024 likely to arrive?

eh, you know, naysayers gotta say nay.
surely it can’t be true, I’ve read on the forum that the development stopped after google sold it and that it’s barely maintained as an underperforming software by a couple of devs only.

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The reordering of pages in LayOut was taken out a couple of versions ago, as part of a cross-platform change. That feature never worked on Windows, and now also doesn’t work on Mac.


I’m confused Colin. I use 2022 on Windows and re-order pages in Layout all the time?

Also - just wondering if Ambient Occlusion will be available without a Studio subscription?

Sorry, to be more exact, the reordering while in thumbnail view was taken out.

Tyson is trying the Ambient Occlusion on a Mac and sketchup studio is available only for windows. I guess it’s going to be available for sketchup pro and studio.


I wonder what’s the new graphics engine used in sketchup 2024? Is it a cross platform one or one for windows and another one for MacOS.


I definitely like and looking forward to these part if true:

“LayOut New Graphics Engine [Labs]”
" Build consensus quickly with Link Sharing"
(good for sharing with clients that don’t use SKP)

(and quietly hoping for scenes management in general ala tags management)

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I copied the webpage and video and posted them to my new site, SketchyLeaks:

SketchyLeaks - Sketchup 2024: Updates, New Features, User Guides, Road Map

Available sometime after April Fools’ Day, 2024


Link gives 404 error

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I’m sorry John - I couldn’t help myself. I did go to the accidentally posted link and I did watch the video… but I did not copy anything and wouldn’t share it. Well, but I do still have the window open and I could post a few images :slight_smile:

Let’s just agree that whomever did it should get a raise!

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File - save page as - SketchUp 2024 - Sketchup Hub.htm - DONE

Why would you do this? It is such simple and necessary part of any layout software. Is there another way of reordering outside of the thumbnail section that I don’t know about?

Well good for you, you know how to save an html page! :slight_smile:

SketchUp 2024: Introducing Ambient Occlusion Add visual emphasis and perceived depth at model edges with a new global style setting called Ambient Occlusion. This new feature can be tailored to produce stylized visuals similar to clay or white models and is… The link was soon disabled after reveal. Give it some days or weeks…

It’s less about knowing how to save a page and more about the page being saved…
…but you knew that!

Reordering in list view still works. In thumbnail view on Mac it gives the false impression that it’s going to work. There is a bug report about the problem, LO-13520 in our system. I will add a note to say that the reordering is still failing in the latest version of LayOut.

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