When I want to add a geo-location there is an error that I have to log in but I am already logged in

How can i fix this problem?

Probably by upgrading SketchUp.

You mean that i have to buy a new license?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Make. Is that correct?

Yes. Thats correct

If you are using v.2020…2022 logging out and back in ought to fix it. I understand that the internal browser in v.2017 is incompatible with the current implementation of Add Location.

Yeah, but i did it a few times earlier. And then it worked with no problems.

How much earlier? The Add Location feature hasn’t supported 2017 for some time. Terrain and imagery has not been available for several years for Make

Did you use a free trial version which ended so you ended up with make version?
Then i guess you could add location during trial, but that function got disabled once your trial period ened.
Just guessing :slight_smile:

If I remember right, Make used to support only the map and you needed Pro for the satellite images and 3D terrain.

So the ‘free trial su17 pro version’, which would become ‘su17 make’ after the trial period ended (if i’m right), did not support all geo location features? :thinking:
Thought that would be a key feature, even for a free trial (pro) version.

Once the trial was over!

The issue these days is that the web interface has moved on and 2017 doesn’t have the appropriate built in web client.

Aye, the higher quality maps update.
Havent used geo location with my make 2017 for a couple of weeks/months, so i was just guessing atm.

i only need the map