Accessing geo-location in SU Make 2017

When trying to access geo-location in SU Make 2017, it asks to log in. Since SU Make is a free version, where must one log in? Can’t I use geo-location with free SU?

You would need to be signed in to your Trimble account. Same as for accessing extensions through the 3D Warehouse.

I believe you can still get a map view for geo-location but not terrain or aerial imagery.

From March of 2017:

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2020 Pro. If that’s not the case and you are actually using SketchUp 2017 Make, please correct your profile.

Thanks for the replies.
The help article link explains the situation. But my goal is to create a new template with geo-location in Europe, not in the US as it is by default. It is important for creating correct shadows. I do not need the map images and data as such. I own a Pro version 2021 also, but I wanted to correct the Make version template also. Signing in to Trimble account didn’t help, the program still asks for LOGGING in, not signing. So, is there any trick to change the template’s location to Europe?

Ah… You should have stated that in the first place. You can manually add latitude and longitude in Model Info>Geo-location. For that you don’t use the Add Location feature and you don’t need to sign in.
Screenshot - 1_25_2022 , 2_18_23 PM

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Thanks! I will try immediately. Should have figured it out myself.

Don’t forget to adjust the Timezone too or your shadows will be even worse.

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