Geo-Location, Sorry! You must be logged in

Hi, I am now unable to geo-Locate Models. If I select Add Location, then enter an address, I no get a message. " Sorry! You must be logged in. Please close this window and sign in to SketchUp by clicking on the Account icon. Look for it in the upper right corner of the modeling window." But I am logged in to Trimble and sketchup Pro shows this with green Tick in upper right corner. I’m on Mac M1 Max /Sketchup Pro 2021 perpetual licence. Anyone got any ideas as to why Geo-Location is not allowing me to select locations?

Sign out and then sign back in. Hmmm… well that is sometimes a valid solution but I opened my old perpetual version of 21 and I am having some trouble with geolocation there too. Geolocation is about to expire for 21 next year, but I thought I should be working still.

Thank you, that actually worked.
Signing out and in allowed me to Geo-Locate. It used to bring in 2 layers ( Tags) Location Snapshot, and, Location Terrain. Only does Location Snapshot now. Pity they turn it off for 21 next year. I suspect we will be able to set manual location which will be critical for correct shadow studies.

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Why? It’s the same as geo locating using the map, for a correct shadow studio you must set the north using the solar north plugin.

no. not the same

geolocating manually gives localized shadows, as long as the model is rotated to have north on the green line. While you won’t get access to the maps, your file will have te appropriate latitude, and will display correct shadows according to the date, hour, and longitude (in the form of a time zone)
Here are two images, the first no location, the second I gave manually the location of Edinburgh.

I don’t know where the default location is, It looks localized, mine don’t change much between normal and marseille, so probably paris ? at some point I remember reading it was Boulder, Colorado by default ?

So While the solar north plugin is a good tool, it will only change the north of your model (of your active scene), but it won’t change the latitude, meaning shadows might be too long or too short.
Solar north plugin is basically just an alternative to having to rotate your whole project.

If you want the proper latitude, you’ll still need to use geolocation, even manually.

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It’s at the SketchUp headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Oh good, I’m still up to date on that :slight_smile:
Yeah, 40 vs 43 degrees north (boulder vs marseille), I guess that’s why standard shadows are ok-ish here.

so if you’re working on a project with the same latitude as colorado or spain, you’re fine not geolocating.

We probably should change that. SketchUp now takes up one floor of the Trimble headquarters in Westminster (it’s between Boulder and Denver).