Geo Location in PRO not working?

Any help is greatly appreciated - GEO location is asking for me to sign in to my account - error says close window and sign in to my account - I am signed in - have a green tick etc in top right log in menu - I have signed in online too just to check my account is active all looks ok - still can’t add a location to my model - need to test shading for the site so it’s imperative,

I’m running Sketch Up Pro 2021 Version 21.1.331 on OS Monterey 12.1

thanks in advance to the community for any advice

Warmest Regards


There have been some recent changes to the login system.
Try signing out, clear your browser cache and sign in again.

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Dear Box,

Thank you - that fixed the issue - much appreciated


i’m having the same issue, sketchup pro 2021,
logged out, cleared browser cache, still getting a connection issue,
several other users reprting the same thing.