Add Geo-Location

When I need to add geolocation to my drawing, I go to, File>Geo-Location>Add More Imagery and I get the attached window.

I cannot find a way to sing-in into SketchUp. Any way to do this?

Thank you.

In the extreme top right of the SU main drawing window, there’s a Person icon. When you are signed in it shows a green tick like this: image

If you aren’t signed it (you’ve signed out, or have not succeeded in signing in) it will show like this: image

Click on it and choose Sign in (it would be nice if you could just sing in as you wrote!). You need to have previously registered with Trimble. Do that now if you haven’t before.

Then sign in using your browser (which will open automatically) with the same email as you used to obtain your licence or subscription.

Once you have a Trimble account, you can use an Apple or Google account to sign in, instead, or you can keep using your email and password. Once signed in, you will get a message like this:

This is using SU2020 or later. If I remember correctly, earlier versions had the login icon at the bottom left of the screen. Third icon from bottom left in SU2018: image (signed out), or image (signed in)

Thank you for your response John.

I followed all the steps that you mentioned (and I did it even before I posted the question) but I still get that login window request. The icon on the upper right shows the green check, meaning that I am signed in.

I just entered the Geolocation manually and it works but I cannot “add more imagery” (?)

Try logging out and back in through the [menu] Help > Signout …
Or, log out, quit SketchUp, restart and sign in.

Thank you Mike!!! It worked that way!!!

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