Problem with Sign in to Sketchup

Hello everyone ,

I have got a problem that when im trying to put a “geo-location” point on my scheme i just getting a message that im not signing in and when im trying to put my boss email in TRIMBLE sign in for forgot my password he iswnt get any email of restoring the password to signing in …

What should i do ??..


So, you need to create a Trimble Password, since you can no longer use the google inside SketchUp with your version. If you want to comply with the signed license agreement however, your boss needs to buy you a Pro version…

Geo-location hasn’t been available in SketchUp 2016 for years. And SketchUp Free/Make is not licensed for commercial use. Time to upgrade.

I double checked, and 2016 shows a blank window when using geo location, which would mean your screen shot is from a later version.

For the forgot password email, that can be directed to spam, especially by Outlook. It can’t be searched either, you need to manually scroll through spam looking for an email that just arrived.

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