Trying to log in (TRIMBLE ID)

Sketchup 2019 PRO. The program made me log out and then log in to download a location snapshot. I can not log in with my google account, and I forgot the Trimble password. When I click on “Forgot Password”, nothing happens. I don’t receive an email to reset my password.

What is the error when trying to log in with Google?
Can you open a (incognito or private) tab and go to and try to log in there on the top right?
If you succeed, you might wanna clear the webcache folder of SketchUp in the %localappdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp

My guess is that you only used Google before, because you’re (outdated) profile indicates 2017 and Windows 8.

Edit: thank you for updating, it helps us help!

Google no longer supports logging in from this version of SketchUp. If you do not use “Sign in with Google”, continue with Sign in with Trimble.

Quit SketchUp 2019(?)
Start up and sign in in the welcome screen ( or [menu]Help->sign in)

It should take you outside SketchUp in a browser(which one?)

First option: makes you introduce a password for your Trimble ID, if you fogot it, you can not reset it.
Second option: Update Sketchup.
Third option: create a Trimble password (and you will never receive an email to verify your account).

Ah, it looks as if you have version 2019.1
([menu]Help->About SketchUp. Is there a reason not to update to 2019.2? Some extensions need an update or other version.
If you continue the Trimble ID sign in, but enter the google address, you should get prompted to enter a new password, though.

That Trimble ID is all ready verified in the past, you need to have access to that email in case you forgot a password (Google or, when you enter it now, Trimble’s)

I don’t get prompted to enter the new password. I forgot the password, so I get prompted to enter the email address to reset it via an email but I do not reveive it. I will update to 2019.3.

maybe a spamfilter blocks it.
It should come from

Yes I got exactly the same issue so I am also looking for an answer.

I am using the same sign-in email and password I have always used and it no longer lets me log in, it says my password is wrong and has locked me out of Trimble.

I tried to reset my password but do not receive the email, not even in my spam folder.

I have updated to the latest version of Sketchup 2019.

I am working on a project and need access to Components library asap.

try this:
Open an incognito tab in the browser, go to and try to log in on the upper right.
does that work?
Use the Trimble sign in and proceed the forgot password procedure. Be sure to see the confirmation on the website (green pop-up that says ‘A confirmation has been send’)
Then try to find the mail.