When I do "save" things move in the drawing

I’m a new user
I would love for you to help me
Every time I save things move to me and new elements are added.
It’s really frustrating.
Has anyone encountered such a problem?
What to do?

What do you mean they move to you? And what new elements are added?

Maybe you could share one of your SketchUp files?

Hey @DaveR
Thanks for the comment
For example - I am in the middle of building a one-story house. I made a save, and suddenly 2 more windows were added and the ceiling moved …

Again, if you could share your .skp file it might help us help you.

I could not currently share the file

New member. The forum requires a few posts before it will let you upload images or files.

Is it possible to help without uploading a file?
I’m really helpless

I guess we could spend a bunch of time guessing. It might have something to do with incorrect layer usage or incorrect grouping, or incorrect scaling.

Maybe you should stop what you are working on and spend some time going through the instruction materials at learn.sketchup.com

You could upload the file to a sharing site such as DropBox and make it public, then post the link here.

@TDahl Thanks!
Here is a link:

I assume these are the extra windows you are referring to?

Other than them, what moves? Also, what extensions do you have installed?

This time the windows were added …
Each time different things.
I installed V-RAY

Just so you don’t feel we are ignoring you, I have been off-and-on looking at your model. All I’ve observed when I save and reopen your model is that the ceiling of one of the rooms closes back up with a face. I haven’t seen anything moved from where it was before and I haven’t seen any new objects magically appear.

I notice that the sizes of many things in the model are bizarre, which suggests errors while drawing (perhaps length snapping turned on?). All the measurements on the image are whole numbers, so these strange values in the model seem odd. For example, was this room really intended to be 2.805292m wide? Small erratic errors can cause strange results when SketchUp either does or doesn’t accept a set of points as coplanar.

Could you be making copies without knowing it? If you are using the normal Move-Copy procedure, that should be easily avoided but if you are using Ctrl-C it might be easier to do if you have copied more than you intended and used Ctrl-V to paste.

I haven’t inspected your file to see whether you are grouping things properly. If you don’t, it’s quite easy to pick the wrong things and have things out of sight move.

@slbaumgartner @simoncbevans
thank you for your answer

I took the drawing from AutoCAD
It is possible that the person who drew did not do it well enough …

It is possible