When exporting to dwg only some lines showing?

Hi there, as you can see attached, when i export this view from sketchup to autocad i would normally see the whole view, instead it seems to be taking the most minute part of it. any ideas as to how i would get the whole window exported instead?

is anyone able to help me on this?

Unless you explain a little more how and what are you doing and what do you want to achieve… perhaps share your model, and someone may take a look… my best suggestions is:


hi, sorry if it wasn’t clear. i want to export the view I’ve attached in this thread, normally exporting to cad is no issue and the whole view is exported. it seems as if its only exporting a small element of the scene which is super annoying. I’ve attached the skp file to this dropbox link.

The scene I’m trying to export is scene 14. let me know what you think is the best possible solution.

Your model is situated at over 560000 meters from Origin. If you reposition it near the 0,0,0, then the exported dwg file looks like this

thats great news, thanks so much for your help i will try this.

If you want to export view as 2D Cad file, set Camera to Parallel Projection. (See detailed in the link in my previous post)
BTW. If you go to Model Info> Statistic and Purge Unused, your model will be massively less size…

thanks guys