Exporting sketchup model to dwg (measurements not showing)

Hi, I am having a little trouble exporting my sketchup model as a dwg file. The reason for the export is so it can be opened on a cnc machine. I am being told that when the file is opened the dimensions cant be seen (for example how long the models is ect). He is using NX 12. Iv tried changing the export settings to highlight the specific components like dimensions, text ext (is there certain ones that need selecting and deselecting). Or do i have to change something within the model? . iv attached the sketchup file and a dwg export. any help would be appreciated. handle test.skp (365.6 KB)
handle test.dwg (1.3 MB)

using a windows not a mac btw

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I don’t see any dimensions in your attached .skp file to export. What dimensions does he want? How does he want it dimensioned? I would expect a dimensioned drawing to look something like this with the additional of tolerances, material and surface finish called out. Are the edges supposed to be sharp as you have them modeled or should they be broken? Small radius? Chamfer? How does the knob attach to the thing it attaches to? Does the small diameter part get glued into a hole or is there supposed to be a tapped hole in the back for a screw?

If he needs to import the .dwg I would expect you only need to tell him the import units are millimeters. Your .dwg is a 3D file and the software he uses to created toolpaths should not need text dimensions.

Hi, thanks for the reply. There is a threaded screw hole that goes on the bottom which was not included in this for example purposes. I have done a similar job of creating a technical drawing like the one above but he want to be able to open the 3d file on NX 12 and select a part and see what the measurement is. He has stated that he cant see the dimensions (for example selecting the top circle and not being able to see the dimeter which should come up as 60mm). I was also confused why illustrated dimensions like yours aren’t enough.

Hi, using a windows 10 pro and Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630

Isn’t exporting dimensions an option available in the 3d export [DWG/DXF] set up in SketchUp ?
I just tried it and it worked, although the text associated with the dims was too big it could be adjustable on the CAD side…
You could measure dimensions in the 3d form, but not the radius of circular objects extruded into 3d-shapes as these were no longer seen as circles etc, but you could get their diameter etc by measuring…
BUT if you export the SKP as edges with no faces then the circle says a circle and is measurable…

Seems to me that the two of you need to agree what the exchanged files include, it is possible be do it if you use the right settings…

Hi, thanks for your help i will have a chat with him. Just to confirm when you open the file you can see the dimensions if i select edges and not faces on the export. thanks again for the help