Exporting file as dwg (to be opened on CAD)


I have created a model which is oval shaped and the size is quite specific. I need to send it out as a dwg file as it will be opened on NX12 to be then cut on the CNC machine. The problem i am having is when i export my file and he opens it on NX12 he can see the model but cant see the lengths. How do i export the file so he can select a side he wants and see what the dimensions our or is this something that has to be done with sketchup. THanks for the help in advance.

shaker test.dwg (1.7 MB)
shaker test.skp (507.7 KB)

This is the file in dwg and sketch up

This is a repeat of your previous topic, correct?

yes but i dont think i explained it very well previously