When can I use Sketchup pro again?

Do you have any estimated waiting time?
I need to continue to work on the project.
Can I use older version of Sketchup? Can old version open the file that was saved in pro 2019 ver.?

I really need to hear from customer support team what to do next as a backup plan.
You cannot just say to customers it will be recovered soon…How soon? When? What time?
Please provide users some secondary options to keep working on their projects.

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Seriously!! You cannot just leave us wondering, we are working professionals that have deadlines.

Things seem to be fixed now.

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There should be an outage detector for Trimble

It is working again Now!!! Thank you!!

This is the one insurmountable flaw with web based software. All the instant updates, bla, bla, bla, benefits are useless if you can’t get access to your work. My clients have deadlines and don’t care what my issues are, if I can’t deliver they will go elsewhere. Having poor internet where I was living, I struggled with this for years. All good for those who have reliable internet - but that is certainly not the whole planet. (I realise that is not the issue here, but does add another layer of fragility inherent in this business model.)

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