Sketchup Pro 2019?


Anyone know what’s up with SU Pro 2019? When we can expect it to be released? In previous years it has been released by now. I haven’t heard anything yet.


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Trimble Sketchup 2019 Announcements Please?

There’s currently been no public news on a release date. Patience.

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Can someone from Trimble tell us when we can expect news?

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I believe I have seen replies here by the SketchUp team members claiming that they were prohibited by contract from making any comments pertaining to future releases. This seems reasonable from a perspective of new features and such, but it would definitely be nice if Trimble would issue some kind of press release of the timeline of the new release. Especially since it is already about two months behind when it normally drops.

The optimistic part of me hopes that This delay bodes well for some serious progress in the software. Ill just go ahead and keep my pessimistic opinions to myself :smirk:

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ehh… well what to expect. Thay cannot say that they wont release 2019 because they may loose some money from support and maintance upgrades that many of us are buying year after year. Its not much however, it is still some money.