Trimble Sketchup 2019 Announcements Please?


Hey everyone, hope all is good! I am a professional architect from South Africa, and I am begging for anyone that has news on 2019 to please give me any information.

What is taking so long?

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It looks like you need to update your profile…

Apart from that, a great many of us are waiting for the new release, asking the very same question.


good day Julian, thank you for the lovely investigative skills that you have shown…I am aware of this extremely minor, unrelated difference in information that needs to be fixed…

I am very aware that almost every person on here has this question on their lips.

What I am hoping for is that someone with better knowledge of this topic could maybe share…

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you have a lot to learn in life young Jamie

if you read the link provided by SketchUp3D_de, or have done just a simple forum search (since you’re aware everyone is asking the same question) you would have the answer as to why no utterance has been made by anyone in the know (ie. Trimble / SketchUp staff)

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Thank you so much Julian, you are a true gentleman if there ever were one. I will definitely be searching for this information. I assume this is what you mean, that I am supposed to “learn” to follow a internet thread?


as a gesture of good will for your wonderful life lesson, I extend to you the following…free access to the Sketchup masterclass that I will be launching this year, where as a proffesional architect, I teach people how to use only Sketchup Pro and Layout to do this…

This was some of my work back when I did my Honors degree, and I could also send you some of the crazy work I did when I completed my Masters degree?

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I have seen those before (or something very similar also done in SU), great work. Though this digresses from the matter as per the OP, or the fact that the subject has been posted and replied on various times over the last couple of months…