How do i get my project after the end of the free trial? sketchup 2019

Hello, i got a free trial for 30 days and i made a project, after that trial, how can i get it?
because i would like to get the archive and pay for the pro version soon.

The file should be saved on your computer unless you delete it. The end of the trial period will not result in the file being deleted. When you buy the pro version of SketchUp you will be able to open it with no problem.

Seems kind of odd that you would only now get the 30-day trial of SketchUp 2019 since the current version is 2021.

If you were saving in the cloud, your project and file will still be there.
Log in with the email address that you where using the during the trial.

Click on the checkbox on the left to get download options and version history or click on the name of the file and view it in 3D

Im not finding it, do you know in witch folder is it? Im using mac os (dont know if the directory is diff from windows)

Thanks for the support

Theres a project there, but it has 0.0mb!
I cannot open it, im 99% sure thats the project that im looking for. Is it any bug? How can i handle with it?

Thanks for the support

If the project is called ‘SketchUp’ and you where working in the web-app ( and logged in with the same email, not using Apple ID sign in or other) it should be there.

But we cannot tell, it’s still unclear which version you were using (provide some screenshots)

yeah, it is there, but has 0.0mb (i think that it might be a bug or my project has gone forever :confused: )

look that

and my version was the 2019 pro

(Its saying from top to bottom, in order: 'your 30 days free trial has ended. ‘Buy sketchup’. ‘Add a classic license’.) Its in portuguese.

any guesses on what is going on?

If you were using SketchUp Pro you could have saved your file anywhere on your computer. I would recommend searching for files with the .SKP extension

unfortunately i had no sucess…
i tried to find it even on the sketchup directory and nothing.
Is there any backup that i didnt see on the sketchup directory? any folder that contains it? any archive that i can restore?

SketchUp does not control where you save a file that you are working on. You can literally save it anywhere.

It’s unlikely you would have saved any models into the application folder. The 0.0 in Trimble Connect suggests that you didn’t save any files there, which means whatever you saved is on your computer.

To find all of the SketchUp documents on your Mac, do these steps:

  1. Go to Finder, and open a new Finder window.
  2. In the upper right of the window, type SKP into the search field.
  3. As you type that you will see a menu, that looks like this:


Choose SketchUp Model File from that menu.
4. On the left side of the Finder window are some words. Click on the This Mac words:


You should now see a list of all of the SketchUp documents on your computer.

Unfortunately theres nothing…
I think i just delete it or even not saved.

Thats sad, but i appreciate your help!

Thank you very much.

It would be worth checking Trash, in the hope that you haven’t emptied that recently.