Sketchup pro 30 day trial still ongoing if I sign out

Hello, i really need help. I am new in using the sketchup. Recently i am using Sketchup pro 2021 30 day trials for my assignment, and i am using it in my old laptop. I just wondering if i can continue my trials before into my new laptop? Do i need to cancel the trial and start over again on the new laptop? What about i reinstall sketchup again and continue trials? Is that work as well?

Apart from that, this is a bit out of topic. Just now i saw the data folder of sketchup ( the one that appears after you install the sketchup ). At the first place, i install it in D storage and sadly i forgot to make folder. After that, i make a new folder and i get everything in to the new folder. After a while, i saw that the data that i put on the folder before, show up in the D storage again. I just wondering if this is okay? What should i do on this matter to get rid of the duplicates?

The trial is a plan that is assigned to your Trimble ID (=email address). You are allowed to use it on two devices, just as normal subscription plans.
So you can continue the trial on other devices, sign out if you reach the limit (You may be logged in on two, but can on three)
The only difference is the expiring date, there is no ‘special’ version or installer file.
Note that trial plans are for exploring the possiblilities of the software. Commercial use is against the EULA.

In general, i’s bad practise to install on the data drive. Programs in general work better if installed on the C:
Keep the data drive for your models (=data)

I would uninstall it, if I where you, do a cold reboot and then run the installer file once again by rightclicking on the downloaded installer and choose ‘Run as Admin’. Make sure it installs on the C: drive.

You can set the Preference to store models on a specified location, but in general, it is good practise to creat a project folder first and then when doing a save, put it in that folder.

Noted sir, i’ll try to do the uninstall and follow the steps that you have mentioned. Speaking of uninstall, i just wondering what is the meaning of cold reboot? I am sorry , i am not good at technology stuff

Shut down your computer fully…pause(some say unplug the power)…then start it up again.
It is different to just doing a restart.

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Ohh i see, okay then. Thank you for the info

Hello, i am planning to uninstall sketchup and reinstall it back again later. I just wondering can i still continue my trials if i reinstall sketchup on the same laptop? I’m worried if i uninstall the app, the trials might ended on that day

The trial plan expires after 28 days and is started already. It does not account for ‘planning’ on your side.
Reinstalling shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes on Windows.

Okay, thank you very much