When can I publish my extension?

Hello Friends,
I received approval email from The Extension Warehouse Team. For next step, I go for publishing my extension but it is in progress… Usually how long this progress will takes and why when it is in progress I received approval e-mail? Thank you in advance.

Which extension is it?

“MAJ Wall Maker”

Thanks. An EW colleague is checking into it.

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They see you as having one Draft, and that it hasn’t been submitted. Do you see something different?

Also, you were approved as a Developer, could that be the email you saw?

I think I misunderstand meaning of e-mail. Can you tell me how long usually this progress takes?

The extension won’t be reviewed until you submit it. After that it may take a few days for someone to do the review.

After I understand any review cause delay I cancel it but seems I should delete it completely. By the way I submit it and will wait some more days. Thank you for your help.

I still don’t see your extension in the queue. Can you go to your My Extensions page and reply with a screenshot of it?

Thank you so much for your attention.

Your screen shot shows Draft. Choose Edit Draft from the three dots menu. Do you see a Why can’t I publish link? If you do, click on that link to find out what is missing. When everything is filled in you should see a Submit for Review button.

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I resend it. I hope this time everything goes well.

Dear friend, I really enjoy SU but when I wanted design a building drawing wall and door/ window in SU was difficult for me and I need to try many different walls to grownup my design idea. I had to use Archicad for it because make walls and door/ window hole is fast and easy on it. Because I cannot find any plugin in Sketchup that can make wall and door/window hole as simple as Archicad, I made decision to write codes for it. “MAJ Wall Maker” can make wall simply and my next plugin “MAJ Door/ Window Hole Maker” can complete it. I wish to deliver these plugins for free and lets other people also use it. Is it possible that I have any trouble with law because of these free of charge plugins?

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Trimble employees are not allowed to give legal advice.

And the laws of many countries and international law might apply.
If you have concerns, consult an attorney.

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