Extension review delay


I received an e-mail that my Thea for SketchUp extension submission reviewing begun on 5th January. I haven’t received any feedback so far. I submitted the minor 2.2 plugin update shortly before Christmas, so I didn’t expect to get it fast, but now I am afraid it might have been lost/skipped, because “the process typically takes a couple of days”.


If it will be something bigger or simply you have too many reviews, let me know please by e-mail. I need some feedback on it. I have no other way to contact you, because of no-reply e-mail. I do not want bother specific individuals with it. :slight_smile:

I am just preparing yet another 2.2 very small revision now. It looks I will cancel the old and start new.
It is 3 weeks since the review started and 5 since I asked for it.

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This is a listing page right? We have a slightly different approaches for listing pages and hosted extensions. Listing pages are reviewed by a product manager while hosted extensions are reviewed on more technical level by developers.

I’ll bring this up internally.

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It is a month since the review started. :frowning:

To my surprise when I started a new draft the one being reviewed has disappeared…

I issued the new revision for the review today. It is important for us to have SketchUp 2021 listed as a supported version. It cannot take that long to approve minor update in a plugin.


The new revision has been approved. Thank you.

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It always takes long for extension listing.

I have submitted on 27 January and not yet approved.