Waiting for one month for a Developer Request


It’s now been one month on waiting since submitting my developer request and in all honesty it’s getting frustrating: there’s no feedback and no way of getting in contact except maybe through the forums.

If anyone from the SketchUp Extensions team is here, it would be of help if you could let us know what’s going on in this area.


Hi Amuresan-

The extensibility team was temporarily swamped by extension reviews and developer requests. They’re catching up now, and your application should be handled soon. We’re also working to expand the team to avoid getting swamped in the future.

Please contact me if you haven’t heard anything by the end of the week.



I made my request long ago.
I sincerely believe that almost a year ago.

There was never any response on the part of Trimble.
Then I read that this is a recent problem, I’m sorry, but I was not convinced.

I may be new here on the forum, but I am SketchUp user for many years.

I went developer of content for Google Earth, with over a hundred objects accepted by G.E.

If I still do not have sufficient qualifications to do so, at least respond and say why. Because I think a fair answer and a reason.

I believe that it should be revised.
Because it was what encouraged many content creators to abandon the 3WD.
And even to remove their content from there.

Note that I am not wanting to generate controversy.
I am just expressing my opinion and raise here an important issue that concerns everyone in the community.


Did you receive an acknowledgement email? I think that response is automated so everyone should get one immediately after submitting an application. If you didn’t get one, likely your application wasn’t received or the email in it wasn’t right. What is taking time now is that Trimble didn’t adequately anticipate the flood of applications resulting from the new signing process in SU 2016. I am not a Trimble employee, this is just my understanding.


Honestly, as long ago, really I will not remember if there was an e-mail confirmation, something. "Hey, we received your request."
But I say that there was never any contact / response.

Even in 2014, when the Trimble took Sket, I tried to contact several issues, including some kind of partnership, and I never answered.

I use the Sket because really like the program, I am in the community to pursue learning and share knowledge. In the same way that we participate in other forums Sket and Facebook groups. And sorry everyone, but “not for their support.”


You mention your experience in content/model development for Google Earth. The Developer Program that is active today has to do with the development of extensions through the SDK and API. It is not model development.

Did you register with the thoughts of developing model content?


Let’s do it step by step:

  • Yes, today among many who do I also develop models based on Google Earth.

  • And yes, I had done developer request to have an interest in participating in various ways. Including contact that was made, I requested information, minimum requirements and other information.

But there was never answer, and indeed this fact was never a problem for me.

And as casually I saw today this post, I decided to leave here the record of my experience in the same issue.


Hi Marc,

As an update, I did not receive any email from SketchUp, but it looks like I can now submit extensions from my account so I guess my application was accepted?


Hi Amuresan-

That’s good news, thanks for reporting back. Can you double-check to make sure that the email wasn’t filtered into your spam folder?



Hi Henrique-

I don’t know what happened to your developer request, but if you still want to be a developer I’d invite you to submit the application again.



Hi Marc,
I couldn’t find it in my spam folder. In any case, I will submit an extension soon, so I will know shortly if the application did indeed get through.


Dear Marc, I have the same problem. Applied a few weeks ago and the sketchup extension is ready to upload. But I got no answer and there is nothing in my spam box. Could you please handle my request?


Els Wiering


Hi Els-

I forwarded your message to the extensibility team. It’s a busy week for them because it’s the SketchUp Base Camp right now, but somebody will follow up.



Thanks Marc,

My developer account has been accepted now and I uploaded the plugin to the extension library to start the review process. But something went wrong. I got an confirmation message on the screen (screenprint enclosed) and a confirmation email where I can check the progress of the review proces. But the link in the e-mail to check on the process is empty and in my account it’s not visible anywhere that I uploaded the plugin.

Could you please check if they plugin was offered for reviewing correctly?

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