No response after 2 weeks to a Developer Request


Hi, I submitted a “Developer application for Extension Warehouse” back on Feb 18th. I received the Acknowledgment email that says “Most applications process within 1 business day.”… no other responses.

I resubmitted a week ago and again received the acknowledgment message.

Is there a problem with the application process? Is there a different process I should be using?
Or is everybody just busy and I need to be patient?

Thanks for your help!


Hello @eyephysics_extension sorry that you have received no response. Our Extension Warehouse folks are very busy and sometimes it can be a longer reviewing process when we get many submissions.

I will definitely check on that for you though.

Thanks for your patience!


No update on this after 3 months ?


Hey Dan, this post is months old. This was handled months ago :slight_smile:


Thanks we readers should know that there was a happy conclusion. Otherwise it looks like ya’ll left it hangin’


Sorry for reviving an old thread, but same thing happened to me and it’s now been two weeks of waiting for a reply to the Developer Request application that I sent on January 12th.

This is indeed very far away from the advertised 1 business day reply policy. Any idea about what’s going on?


I’d have to guess mid-winter vacations, and a backlog of reviews caused by the new signing mechanism.