Developer application timeline and process

Hey all, I started the developer application process on Dec 11th last year. The only communication since filling out the online forms was a response that my application had been received and a second from Trimble saying my supplier classification had been accepted with a copy. I sent an email to the Extension Warehouse Team 9 days ago and got an auto response saying we respond in 2-3 days sometimes sooner, and I have not received a reply yet (6 business days). My question is how long does the registration process usually take and what is the rest of the process? The whole on-boarding experience seems pretty opaque…


Just giving this a bump back up. Is there anybody out there who went through this recently? Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to post publicly.


@colin Who do we ping for action on this?

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@ChrisFullmer will know who to alert.

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Hey @colin and @ChrisFullmer any news on this? Thanks!

Hi @rwamoore ,
I do apologise for the delay on this. I have been in communication with @ChrisFullmer and we are both chasing this up internally for you.

Again apologies for the delay that you’ve been experiencing.

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Awesome thanks Craig!

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