Who do I contact at sketchup to learn the status of my submitted application?

I received an email confirming receipt of my application on Nov.20 but have heard nothing since. This is the first time I’ve made a submission and would like to know why the review is taking so long.

I checked, and your extension shows as being in review. I don’t know what the delay is, other than people being busy with other things at the moment.

I will ask the extension team why there is a delay.


Thank you so much for doing this on my behalf. Sincere appreciation.



Should have mentioned I didn’t include a video link in my application as everything anyone wants to learn about Sunscape application, including an intro video, user guides, and a free trial are available on my website www.ecoscape.app.

Thanks again,

I didn’t realize my responses to Colin via email would be published on the forum.

If you reply to a post that came into your email inbox, it’s the same as if you had come to the web page and replied there.


Got it

Any news from the extension team?