Extension Warehouse Developer Application - No reply after 23 days

We’ve applied a couple of times now to be a developer so we can access the SketchUp SDK.
We’re just not receiving any replies other than the initial reply saying it should only take 1 day. Is there a different way we should make contact in order to become a developer or will our request eventually be replied to? Thanks.

Thanks for submitting a Developer application for Extension Warehouse! You’ll receive another email after your application has been processed, indicating whether or not developer access has been granted.

Most applications process within 1 business day.

Stay tuned…

-Extension Warehouse Team

Really? You cannot browse to:
SketchUp Developer SDK | SketchUp Extension Warehouse ??

… and if you can, do you see the platform specific download buttons on the bottom of the page ?

EDIT: OK, I tried refreshing the page after logging out, and yes they hide the download links unless they know your a registered developer.

But you should still be able to study the online documentation and examples (make plans etc.)

Thanks for replying. We’ve been working with Sketchup files since we signed the SDK agreement with Google back in 2007 so hopefully it’s just a small porting exercise but we do need to get access to the new SDK libraries to make it happen. The problem we’re having is that our customers are using the new version and we can’t support them, other than to say use the old version of SketchUp.

Hi Adam-

I mentioned this post to the head of the Extension Warehouse team. He said that your application hasn’t been lost, but that the team has fallen behind lately due to a large number of extension reviews. Sorry for the delay, and feel free to ping me directly in few work days if it’s still pending.


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Thanks Marc. I’ll keep an eye out for an email. It’s good to know our application isn’t lost, just delayed.

We just got our approval after 32 days. I thought submitting to the Apple App Store took ages!
Thanks for the approval.

Hi Adam-

Thanks for reporting back, I’m glad you finally made it through the pipeline.

Incidentally, we have an open position on the SDK team… I’ll just leave this here in case anyone reading is interested.
SketchUp SDK Job Posting


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