SDK approval wait time

Hi! I was wondering how long it takes to get approved, or if anyone’s experienced significant wait times? Really can’t wait to get access, pretty excited.

That being said, why request SDK access at all? I feel like if you just want the SDK it should be relatively easy, where the extension warehouse request process should require this additional screening. Just my two cents :wink:

You will need to be patient.

It took a few days for me, then I was rejected initially because I hadn’t filled out satisfactorily the ‘why I want to be a developer’ question. Even though the question was labeled optional. :roll_eyes: So I guess the 1-2 weeks they state in the email you receive after the application is fairly accurate, maybe longer if the processing team is on holiday.

The legalese distributed with the SDK is clear that Trimble is concerned about random developers creating malicious code - perhaps a competitor wanting to slow down Sketchup so people stop using it, etc. So I understand why they want to vet each request so thoroughly.

But really, the API is free via Ruby script - although substantially slower it seems. I’m looking at speeding up my importer by rewriting it to us the SDK, but I will need to learn how to use C first.

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But they did approve you eventually? Still no word and it’s been about two weeks. I’d hate to have to reapply and have a significant delay here.

Good to know about the Ruby SDK though, maybe i’ll start with that and see where it goes. Thanks!

Apparently there are email issues. @thomthom or another of the SketchUp team members may be able to help confirm if your application is still in the queue, has been accepted, or has been denied for whatever reason. If you are planning to sell extensions then I’ve read on these forums that it will be an entirely different process and you will need to contact one of the team so they can send the necessary paperwork to your home address.

It seems that not starting with the Ruby API means you were planning to jump straight into coding in C/C++, was that the intention? I’d suggest you create something in Ruby first to do whatever it is that you plan to do, and only work on the C/C++ implementation if required to do so due to speed constraints. You may not need the SDK at all, and the Ruby API is integrated into Sketchup (Pro and Make), and is fun to use!

Yeah I’m not planning on selling extensions or anything (which i believe I indicated), wanted to figure something out for a personal project.

I’d hoped to use C to keep it as minimal as possible (and haven’t used Ruby before) but I guess it can’t hurt to get started and see how it goes. Thanks!

@yogesh can you have a look at this thread please?

The Ruby API works only within SketchUp. It cannot be used standalone. You want the C SDK for standalone integration with the SKP format (it can currently not be used within SketchUp, except as importers/exporters.) Which, by the way @Centaur - that might be ideal for your importer/exporter extensions. You get the performance of the C API, and will make both importer and exporter appear in the Import/Export dialog. The only snag is that we don’t have a distribution facility via Extension Warehouse at this time.

Quickly realized that - could’ve worked but for what I’m trying to do the C sdk is a much better fit.

That being said I got approval this morning, thanks so much for everyone’s help!

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