Downloading Sketchup C SDK

Hello everyone,
i found that in order to get data like wall’s area, orientation and inclinations from a Sketchup house model i need a Sketchup C SDK but i can’t seem to find the direct link to download it.
has anyone ever used this SDK ? if so how can i download it ?
thank you !

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when i click on the button that says here “SDK Download File: You need to be a Developer to have access to this file. Not a Developer? Request to be one here.” it gives me a new link
where i should write my information, it says “Developer ApplicationPlease tell us a little about yourself
and your products. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive an email
with further instructions for uploading your extensions. Thanks!”

and the download doesn’t start ?

The approval process is a manual review by a real person. It takes time. Things are backed up now.

There must be an average wait time. Do you know how long it is taking right now? I submitted a request Jan 26th (2016).

I’m not sure what the average process time is - but I know that we’ve been swamped the last few weeks with a huge amount of applications. We’re taking steps to be able to handle the increased load.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

i need to work on an urgent project and i still didn’t get the SDK

I just received my approval. My wait time was from Jan 26th to Feb 4th (2016). I had some trouble with the large zip file downloads, but it worked after a few attempts (SDK_Win_16_-0-19911 is 48 MB of zip file which decompressed to 144 MB).

What a shame you impose such a barrier to entry - you’d think you’d be happy people want to develop for your products. I don’t want to upload or sell anything, I just want access to the C SDK for a project I’m working on. Now I have to wait a week or more just to get access to an SDK?

I’d be quicker now reverse engineering the .skp file format than waiting for access to an API in a language that I’ll still have to port to something more modern i.e. C# - I mean C? Really? Is it 1990?

Very disappointed.

@dave.mullen.68 Please PM me your email address and I will be happy to check the status.


C was chosen because it’s one of the most portable languages out there. With a C API as a base one can create wrappers, for instance for C# etc.

Could U plz take a look at my application:

I want do make a student project and I am struggled on the step of developer status obtaining.
I will be very pleasant if you could track my application status.


Thank you in advance,
Mikhail Usvyatsov