Download SketchUp lastest sdk

I’m c++ developer.
I’m creating a c++ project on window to convert skp data to opengl. So a need a download a latest sketchup sdk.
I register on sketchup homepage but not have mail confirm.
Can you show me how to download sketchup sdk? Thanks a lots.

If the download links are not visible on this page:
… then you will need to wait for the email confirmation.

BaseCamp is happening now, so the staff is quite busy.

I submit info and email confirm. They said wait for 1-2 weeks, but haven’t email confirm.

And google sketchup are free?

Google sold SketchUp to Trimble Navigation, Ltd., in 2012.
Trimble SketchUp Make is free for non-commercial work only.

FYI: The old C++ API (from the pre-Google days) is deprecated.

There is a newer C API.

Thanks for your help. (my english is not very good :smiley: )

Sorry, I will create a tool “commercial work only”. But now, i create a sample for import skp file.

If you have a direct link to download sketchup sdk, please give it for me.

I must to check something in skp support ( animation data, camera…).

Thanks u so much.

Sorry, I am not allowed to do that. You will need to be patient.

The SketchUp End User License Agreement applies to the application only.

The SDK has it’s own license agreement, and is supposed to be used in other proprietary applications.

Refer to the online documentation:

I write a commercial C++ CAD program for Windows XP through 10. Customers would like to import SketchUp Files. Where can I apply for access to the SDK? I apparently tried the wrong path, associated with extensions. I want to provide an import/export capability in my application, not an extension to SketchUp. Thank you for your help.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be writing Ruby extensions, C Extensions, standalone utilities or importers and exporters for a 3rd party application, … the first step is to apply to be a Developer. There is only one kind of application, but you can specify in the “Planning” box at the bottom what you said above.

The download page is:
Download links do not appear until after your application has been processed (with the expressed agreement by checking the box at the bottom of the form, that you’ve read and agree to the API Terms of Service.)

The C API online documentation is:

There are examples in the SDK package. (Don’t waste time with the deprecated C++ API library, except for reference. Use the new C API, otherwise you’ll be redoing your work a year or two from now, or there abouts.)

Note, (because you mention XP,) they’ve changed to only distributing a 64-bit DLL library, although some 3rd party developers have asked that a 32-bit library be included again.

Thanks, Dan. My application was denied - perhaps I didn’t explain the situation well enough. I’ll try again.

Did they say why?

That could be a reason.

Not clearly:

The response doesn’t directly address my situation. My supposition is that they didn’t understand I intend to support SketchUp import/export in a well-established 3rd-party commercial program. The second application I filed stated this clearly, including the installed customer base and company web site. Yogesh PM’d me on the 27th to obtain my email address “so we can approve the request.” I have yet to receive approval, but I have no idea what is a reasonable cycle time. Perhaps you or Yogesh can check with the evaluation team to ensure I’ve provided the information they require? As I am not familiar with your process, I will be patient and hope it all works out. Please feel free to PM me if the need arises. I look forward to offering my customers integration with your popular design software.

Thanks for your proactive support! Randy

Oh. There is a topic thread in which devs had suggested that the form might confuse first-timers into checking the wrong box (or similar) leading to the reviewer making the wrong assumption.

Or, that the reviewer assumes that the applicant is applying for a EW Store account (ie, some reviewers seem to not understand that SDK download also requires SketchUp Developer status.)

It has been argued that SDK only / non-EW developers should have their own approval path (ie, a separate form,) than the “live API” EW developer approval path.

REF: Becoming a SketchUp developer DENIED: a rant • sketchUcation • 1

AH, good! Looks as though you did it correctly the second time.

Generally, it is recognized that the time for approval is excessive, but no one has been told publicly why. I could guess summer vacation time, but that is just a guess. During release and maintenance months (Nov…Feb) which also coincide with the end year holiday break, turnaround is also (understandably) slow.

I’m not a Trimble employee, but Yogesh is and I believe he works for Chris Fullmer.

@ChrisFullmer is invited to this thread.

That seems to be the case in my first application.

I agree. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, it appeared as though the approval team interpreted my application in the context of an extension. Two application paths would prevent this confusion.

Thank you for inviting Chris Fullmer to the thread. I feel no need to accelerate the process, only that the application be understood as a desire to write import/export support into my program and results in the application being approved.

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