Is the SketchUp SDK free to use for me?

I’d like to enhance my commercial application to import the .skp file without ScketchUp program using the ScketchUp SDK. Then SketchUpAPI.dll will be packaged with my applicaiton. is it allowed?

I don’t think a public forum is a reliable place to come for legal advice. Trimble employees won’t answer legal questions. Read the EULA and if it leaves you in doubt, consult your lawyer. As a layman I would say “That’s what the SDK is for…” I am not a developer either, so I don’t know if, for instance, some license fees are involved.

Yes you can.

  1. Register:
    Developer Application | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

  2. Agree to general Trimble API Terms:

  3. Get the C SDK:
    SketchUp Developer SDK | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

  4. Read the C API documentation:
    SketchUp C API: SketchUp C API


Glad to hear that. Thank you!