Seeking Authorization for Integration with SketchUp and Development of Plugin

Hello SketchUp team,

My team and I have developed a commercial software that assists in 3D design. We would like to integrate with SketchUp for the following development work:

  1. We want to support direct import of skp files into our software.
  2. We want to develop a plugin based on SketchUp that exports skp files into other file formats.

Our software is commercial, but the plugin itself is free and does not collect any user data. Do we need any form of authorization from Trimble for the above development work?

Note: We do not currently plan to list our plugin on Extension Warehouse.

If there are other experienced developers in the forum, we welcome any relevant advice or suggestions for our integration with SketchUp. Thank you in advance for your help.

Here is general terms, which I recommend reading first. You have to interpret it yourself, or hire a lawyer to interpret it for you. I do not think Trimble employee- or other people - will make any official statement in a public forum.

The SketchUp Ruby API Terms of Service is here.
File: Terms Of Service — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation

The SDK is here
SketchUp C API: SketchUp C API

I moved the topic to the Developers category, there is a better chance that the right person will read it… I guess.


  1. Apply to be a Developer … SketchUp Developer Application

For Use of C SDKs - Standalone in 3rd Party Application or “Live” within SketchUp

  1. Once registered, download the C SDKs at:
    SketchUp Developer SDK

  2. Abide by Legal Terms of Use

  3. Read the Quick Start on the Basics of using the C SDK and compiling:
    SketchUp C API Documentation: SketchUp C API Introduction

  • Note, “Live” C API extensions that run within SketchUp still need a SketchupExtension Ruby shim to load compiled C extension into SketchUp.

For Using Ruby API and Writing Extensions That Run within SketchUp

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