Export model information on Linux

Does an unofficial API exist to extract faces from a model? So, this can run in a Docker container. I only want to pull all faces with their tags and total surfaces to automate import in another program.

The only “unofficial” APIs (that I know of) are those that create bindings using the “official” C API.
There are several bindings for C# and I think one for Python. They are on GitHub.

This is apparently a violation of the license (Trimble SketchUp Pro License | SketchUp) as I understand it. Providing an API for their system yet forbidding automation (what API use isn’t “automation”?) seems like a contradiction in terms to me but there it is.

That is an old version (b) of the SketchUp application license.

The current license version (h) is:
EULA - SketchUp 2021 | SketchUp

There is a distinct license covering the Trimble APIs.

It is this PDF document included in the C SDK package and the following link is published by the Ruby API documentation interface …

There is also a registered Developer Agreement for those who will publish SketchUp application extensions via the Extension Warehouse.