Acquire SDK Access


I applied to be a new developer on Dec 3rd so that I could get access to the new SketchUp SDK for 2016. I haven’t heard anything back since the initial email indicating that the application was received. I’m just curious if something went to spam or if there is something more I have to do, as the documentation indicated that I should expect approval within 24 hours. Could anyone offer any advise or assistance? Thanks


Access to the SDK does not require registration. I think you have to click through an agreement, but then you can download the .zip files at will.

Edit: or so I thought. I don’t see the downloads on mobile so maybe things are not as I remember.


I think it may have changed with this version as in the past I was able to get access to previous versions of the SDK in the way you describe. Now when I go :
I see:
SDK Download File:
You need to be a Developer to have access to this file. Not a Developer? Request to be one here.

I just did it again and got another under review email same as the last time. Is there another link to the sdk that I am missing?


I just looked, and it seems that Trimble may have changed this with SU 2016. I too can’t see the download buttons until I sign in (I have a developer account). Trimble stepped up their notions of security and protection of intellectual property in version 2016, e.g. the new system of signed extensions, and this is likely part of that same new policy.


That makes good sense. I just wish there was I a way I could contact someone at Trimble regarding obtaining Developer status as I’m not sure what is happening with my application. Thanks very much for the replys.


I suspect that they didn’t adequately prepare for the tidal wave of applications due to the new signing requirements. It took several weeks, not the advertised 1 business day, for my application to be approved.