How to gain developer status

I wonder how one can gain a developer status.

I have fulfilled the form at:

I did it about a year ago, and recently about 2 weeks ago.
Never get any response.
Is there any other recent website for submitting a request for developer status?

(I’m using 2018 Pro and 2019 Pro)

I would very much appreciate if someone can help me out.

You can try too.


Will try and post the result.

I sent them an e-mail at 25. May.
The response was promising,
I’ve got an automatic e-mail, that they will respond
“within 2 to 3 business days, sometimes sooner”.

It was a week ago, and I’ve got no real response.

Should I wait just some more weeks?

I don’t know the routines for this mailbox. Perhaps everything is read in order, just with long waiting times. Perhaps some mails happens to be read while the others just get left. It seems sometimes repeating a mail works.

Hi Greg, thanks for pointing this out. We processed your application yesterday, so you are good to go now.

But I was curious what happened so I looked into it and found that our application review process had broken and we didn’t notice. It is back up and running, thanks for pointing it out!

Chris Fullmer


Thanks Chris!

Indeed, the SketchUp Extension Warehouse sent me a direct e-mail with the confirmation.

Thank you!


Thank you Julia!

Patience (and Chris Fullmer’s involvement) finally payed off.

All the best, Viktor