What is the average time to get a response for a extension "in queue"?

I uploaded an extension for review recently on May 31st. How long does it usually takes to get a response (either an approval or a message with a problem with my extension)? Just to get an estimate :slight_smile:

Best Regards, LMO

Maybe @CraigTrickett can help?

Sometimes is a month or two, others a year…

Hi @develop4,
I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this sort of delay. Typically our team aim to be able to turn around extension reviews within a few days. Can I check which extension it is that you are waiting on and I’ll look into what the delay is.

Many thanks

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Hi @CraigTrickett and thanks for the reply!
My extension is called “pCon.catalog for SketchUp”.
Thanks for your help :smiley:

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Thanks @develop4 I’ll look into this and chase this up for you now.

Hi @develop4,
I can assure you that our team are aware of your extension and it is in the queue. Apparently they have hit a blocker which has caused the delay. One of the Extension Warehouse team is looking into this issue and once it is resolved the review team will be able to review your extension.

We do apologise for the delay, we are working on this and hope to have a resolution soon.



Hi @CraigTrickett thank you very much for your help! Then I just have to be patient.

Best regards, LMO