When are people going to learn to SCALE YOUR MODELS? :)

Lets start a thread with funny scales. Grate model, but i had no ideer that Bouteille de lait/milk bottle @montcalm was 3 times the size of my house. :slight_smile:


Maybe you need a bigger house :wink:


in your example:

as the level of detail is correct at the imported scale, it clearly indicates you do not want to put a couple of bottles on the top step…

I would rather import models at the drawn scale into a secondary file where I can modify them to suit my usage…


hahaha, yeah, 3DWH models always require work

  • purge
  • check scale
  • check geometry and complexity
  • check texture sizes
  • check model organisation
  • check to see if layer organisation will clash with what you’re currently using, fix it
  • save it