Imported objects (furniture etc) not to scale

Hi all,

Just started playing around with Sketchup to layout some rooms including imported models, mostly IKEA furniture. I did a livingroom up and it seemed smaller than I imagined.

So I started on a guest bedroom, checked some measurements and it seems the imported models aren’t to scale. This seems consistent.

For example, I imported two separate models of an IKEA day bed, which in real life is 1.68 metres wide(*), into a room that is 1.90 metres wide as its narrowest. Yet as you can see from the following image, the day beds do not fit the room:

Anyone know what might be going on?


(*) Products - IKEA Ireland

Hi Paul,

There’s no mechanism in place to insure models in the 3DWH are to scale.
That’s entirely up to the author. Some may pay attention to scale, others obviously do not.
To bring the components to real world dimensions you can scale them with either the Scale tool or Tape Measure tool.

Here’s a great place to view all the SketchUp Videos


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