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Hi Im pretty new so please help! I copied a box from a room in 3D Warehouse and then pasted it into a room I created. The problem is that it’s huge. I measure one side for example and it says 2’ 3" but in my room its about 8’ tall. What am I doing wrong? I would think 1’ = 1’ in any room created in Sketchup.


It isn’t unlikely that what you copied from the 3D Warehouse was drawn at the wrong size. Perhaps you can provide the 3D Warehouse link to it so we can take a look. Or better, upload your model so we can see the whole thing.


Here is the link. I used the right speaker on the wall.


After downloading the linked model, right click on that speaker and you’ll see that ‘Reset Scale’ is available. This means that the speaker component is a scaled (up in this case) instance of what is stored in the ‘In Model’ component library. If you use this one (the one that you see being used) with copy/paste, you’ll get the scaled up version in your own modeling space.
Take one from the ‘In Model’ library and copy/paste that in your model.
Or reset its scale when right clicking on the component. Then use copy/paste on it.


Well Wo3Dan, bad news. I clicked on Reset Scale and somehow the rest of my drawing is now the wrong size. If you measure the opening of the doorway behind the speaker, it is supposed to be exactly 6’ in between the jackstuds holding up the header. Also, the wall studs are supposed to be 16" OC. They are not any more! I dont know how to get back to where it was, can you help?
Here is the link:


I figured it out, select all, use tape measure. I’ll try your instructions the way you gave them this time. My mistake was Reset Scale in my model after I pasted in the speaker. Thanks again.


Well, you found out where things went wrong. Do not reset when having the component pasted already. Do this in the other downloaded modmel.
Although I don’t know why a reset as you described would trow your entire model off.


Me either but you can try it yourself, I built the original to the specs I posted above. Strange, right? Anyway, THANK YOU for your help. What a fantastic program and great forum dudes.


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