Mesurements dont match up

I am having an issue with measurements I cant seem to figure out. If you look on one side of the model I have four 3/4 spaces evenly spaced at 14 43/64". If you follow down the backing wall same thing. As soon as I get to the other side the exact same space then display 14 21/32". I dont understand how I get this as I have both copied directly from the top and copy/moved them down to create the same issue and if I measure it out and try and create the dados manually same thing. Any one have any ideas as to what might be going on or a way I might be able to fix this?

frame_example.skp (276.2 KB)

How about sharing the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on. I expect there’s a simple and logical explanation but there’s no point in spending time guessing as to what it is.

I added it to the original post but here it is as well. frame_example.skp (279.4 KB)

Sorry. I didn’t see it.

How did you go about distributing your dadoes? I see your different dimensions. I laid out and distributed the outlines for the dadoes so they would have the same dimensions. I drew the one on the left and used Move copy to create the other three. I think you can see how I did it in this illustration.

FWIW, it would save you some work if you were to use component instead of groups and, if the open side of this case is the front, I would orient the case so the front is parallel to the red axis.

frame_example.skp (36.1 KB)

I did it the way you demonstrated for one side and the other I just used the ruler and set up markings and then used the square shape tool ton construct 3/4" by 20" dados equally spaced apart but it would never become equally spaced when I did that.

Looks like you were running into rounding errors. The decimal equivalent of 14-43/64 in. is 14.671875 in. With the 3/4 in. wide dadoes distributed equally, the actual dimension is 14.66667 in.

Personally, if I was going to build this case I would either change the width so I could equally distribute the dividers with spacing I can expect to measure in the shop or I would move the dividers slightly and let the center be what it’ll be. Maybe like this.

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