Measurements problem

Hi All,

I’m new and use sketchup only when really needing. Now I have a serious need, to draw a house with details and I do it while learning from scratch. I m over 60 and deal with straight answers and problems.
The house is a 40’ container (3 of them) converted to a house. They stand on square tubes and need bracing for stability.

Here is a problem.
The tubes on which container stands is vertical and the bracing tubes to be diagonal at odd angle. Just for curiosity and for learning I need to know and learn how it works.
Ok. The vertical tube is 64mmx64mm. The diagonal tube between spaced vertical tubes is only 50mm wide but at the angle to the vertical, it’s cut off dimension will be greater than it’s width of 50mm.
The tape measure tool shows me both the width and the cut off point at angle same measurement. It cannot be it is not but why it shows me this way? I also tried the dimension feature from tools, and it also shows same results.
I hope I’ve explained it well. Say if you draw a square and diagonal. The side and diagonal cannot possibly have same dimensions but my measurements are same.
I suspect, it may have something to do with scale or settings. I have set as architectural in m, not in mm.

Thanks for help.

Could it be that you are selecting the wrong points for the dimension tool to work correctly.
See here how the selection gives different results.

Fantastic illustration. You understand my point. But I do same way as you show, and both dimensions are exactly same. Well the result is in both cases 0.05m. Maybe the accuracy is ± 1km?

Upload the SKP file that shows it. We’ll be able to tell you exactly what the problem is.

You could be right that it is due to the precision you have set. Look in Window>Model Info>Units to see.

I’ve played, and noticed that when clicking on one point when dimensioning, and dragging the other point, I have to drag very far to make the numbers to change. Therefore I conclude that the accuracy or rounding up occurs.
But can I change and how the scale or accuracy or units on existing model/project?

Great thanks, you’ve showed me how to set accuracy. It now shows 50mm one way and 52mm the other way. From now I know.