Incorrect measurements in millimeters when compared to UC Slicer Program

I’ve recently noticed Dimension Tool doesn’t give the total length in millimeters when measuring distance between two points. Sometimes it works correctly and others it does not. Also, when I’m finished with my design, and compare the tape measurements for length to that in my UM Slicer Program, the reading from the tape is off by as many as 6mm. That is totally unacceptable. I never had this issue with Sketchup 2017 Pro where all dimensions were spot on with the slicer program. How can this issue be resolved?

How about sharing a SketchUp model in which this happens? There’s surely a simple explanation for it.

I asked for a SketchUp model, not screenshots.

Clearly, the screenshots show the discrepancy.

Your screenshots are hardly readable…

If you download the screen shot, it is very clear.

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But I see in your second screenshot that your model is slightly rotated on the bed.
The measurement is the total depth in y-axis.
Align your model on the bed and you’ll see that the measurement will be fine…


47.6mm vs. 40.8 for the length remains the same.

Your model has a bunch of issues but here are the overall dimensions of the bounding box when you create a group or component of the geometry. The bounding box is a tight fit around the geometry.

Did you model this from scratch? What information do you have from which to create this thing? Why is it drawn off axis?

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Still the discrepancy remains. Thanks for the tip about creating the component. What about the tape tool not being correct?

So far I don’t know what dimension isn’t correct? Your object is not a solid so it needs a bunch of repair.

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Is that what you started with or what you created from the SketchUp model?

I create these for the airgun industry.

It’s like pulling teeth to get an answer. Did you create the model in SketchUp and is the .stl file the export from SketchUp? Or is the SketchUp model the result of importing the .stl file which came from a different application?

As I stated, it was created. I used Sketchup 2022 Pro. Then exported the mesh file and repaired.

So the answer is you created it in SketchUp. In short, the model is awful. You shouldn’t need to repair the exported .stl mesh in order to print the thing.

Again, why is the thing drawn off axis? That just makes your work more difficult. Also, you have Length Snapping enabled in Model Info>Units which can lead to errors. Best to turn that off.

What do you have for references for modeling this thing? Can you share the reference documentation? I’ll create a proper clean component to show you.

I do not use anything for reference, just create using Sketchup and tweak as I go along. Been selling like iterations for 18mos. now.

Amazing! Well, I’ll see what I can deipher from your model. None of the dimensions seem to make any sense. They are all weird.

Very nice of you. Wish I had kept the 2017 version of Sketchup. Thanks again for the tip.

This doesn’t have anything to do with the SketchUp version.

What is the diameter of the hole in the middle supposed to be?