Two components show the same length in dimension lines, but when I butt them together there's a gap

I have a situation in a model where two components show the same length (determined via dimension lines), but when move them to be adjacent they appear to not be the same length! How is this possible? What am I doing wrong? Here’s a screenshot showing the evidence… (The lengths are both supposedly 11 3/8", the gap is on the right hand side. The left hand sides are in alignment.)

What is the setting in Model info/Units/Precision.
If you have it set to too course it will round to the nearest.


You need to attach the model for us to give an accurate answer.

Thanks for the quick feedback! Please be gentle… I don’t use sketchup often. I’m a woodworker, trying to model a console table I’m about to make. Besides the length discrepancy I mentioned, I’m also struggling with how to deal with the corners where the edges of the 3 triangular prisms come together in a miter. I left two of the three components long so they overlap thinking I could just intersect them and remove bits beyond the intersection. I was about to make the third component longer too so it could intersect when I noticed the length discrepancy. Here’s the model.
Console60Inches - with edging.skp (195.5 KB)

By changing the precision it shows that one length is longer.

Thank you. I guess the takeaway is to use more precision than you think you need. I had it set to 1/16" and the round off to the nearest sixteenth took it down from 13/32" to 3/8", right? It could just as easily rounded up to 7/16" and I would have seen it.

Yes, it is generally easier to spot error at 1/64.
Just to be clear, it is only the display precision being changed, it has no affect on the accuracy of sketchup itself.
You are also modeling inside out, the white faces should be visible, you are showing the back faces.
You can change the default if you do want a colour, but make sure it is the Front faces showing. This may not affect your work but it is a good habit to get into as it can cause major issues down the track.

Thanks again. I never knew which faces were front or back… They appear to be randomly generated when I do a push/pull… sometimes I get white, sometimes not. I manually reversed the ones that showed up white. I’ll reverse them all now that I know. I have used wood grain texture before, but that’s a detail I don’t need right now. I don’t suppose there’s a shortcut to reverse all faces in a model in one command???

Triple click, right click, reverse faces, will get you there basically.