What's happening to SketchUp?

The program is always crashing now. Can’t even go 20 minutes into the design without the program crashing. It’s always so slow now and always has errors everywhere, even when switching styles.

Just about a week ago everything was fine. But now after the 3D warehouse update, everything just went to ■■■■. Can’t download directly from the 3D warehouse which was a really good feature, thousands of ready made high quality models just waiting for your click.

So what happened exactly? I hope this is all just temporary and the devs will soon patch everything up.

I’d recommend reinstalling the program. Maybe that will help.
Is there anything that’s happened lately that could’ve caused the problem?

as far as your issue with the 3DW it’s probably an issue with internet explorer being unsupported. Try opening the 3DW in a supported browser.

Hi guys,

I can’t speak to overall system performance (did you install a new extension? Maybe a new graphics driver?) and crashing. There could be a lot of different causes to that. Is this true for all models you’re working on, or just a new one?

Which version of SketchUp are you using? If you are using SU2015 or older, you are probably seeing an incompatibility with the embedded Internet Explorer control. Your best option would be to update to a more recent build of SketchUp. We’re currently shipping SU2018 and supporting SU2017 and SU2016.

If you are already using a more recent build, you may just want to try again. There was a bug discovered last week and a hotfix launched that resolved it.


Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2016 so you should see this:

Since this is a recent change in behavior and since there’ve been no changes to SketchUp 2016 since 2016, you need to look at what has changed. Most likely graphics driver updates pushed by Microsoft. Windows updates frequently contain graphics driver updates that don’t adequately support OpenGL. We see frequent reports of this here on the forum. Sometimes those updates also change the default graphics from the Nvidia card to the integrated Intel graphics adapter and cause issues. Check to see that SketchUp is actually using the Nvidia card and make sure its drivers are up to date directly from Nvidia.

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And if you provide details on the crash (comments or email you put in it) we can look it up and probably have a reasonable idea why it’s crashing.

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Plus this: I am having Problem with 3D warehouse - #10 by Barry

Hello sir thanks for replying, I use the SU Pro 2016 version. And yes all my models are crashing now, but especially the new one. And no sir I didn’t download any extensions or a graphics driver.

And also, what solution can I do when I try to download a 3D component from the warehouse and it won’t download, it just says error.