SketchUp Unexpectedly crashes when opening warehouse

Whenever I open SketchUp, wether it being a new template or old project, it works fine until I try opening the warehouse which is when it just decides to close itself without saving anything. It just closes fully. I tried opening SketchUp with new template and open warehouse right away and it crashes. Is there a way to fix this. I would like to be able to import some things from the google warehouse instead of trying to work on it from scratch just to save some time.

No BugSplat dialog?

What OS and what SketchUp version are you using?
Also, if you are using Windows, what version of IE is installed on your computer?

No BugSplat dialog, I am on windows 8.1 sketchup version 14.1.1282, Internet Explorer 11

I am having the same issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still having the same problem. Have you found a solution yet?

@Tommy, @ChrisFullmer, have you heard of this?

I have not heard of this before, no. I tried to recreate it on a Windows 8.1 machine in our lab, but I was not able to. Do you have many plugins installed? It doesn’t seem likely, but it might be possible that a plugin is causing a conflict and producing the crash.

I like to start with the basics. Please try clearing the cache and cookies in Internet Explorer:

Sorry for the long wait on the reply, but clearing the cache on my internet explorer did not work, and I don’t thing I have any plug ins that I know of.

Just for my clarification: Are you trying load ware house model into a skp model, if you select no then you have the option of open or save. Which if any are you doing??

Yes, I am trying to open ware house through sketchup. Once open, it will let me search for anything but then closes.

Have you tried resetting IE to its default values?
Note make sure you read help articles on how to do that so you can reload favorites etc. after that is done.

I reset it but still not working.

As of VISTA and latter MS has made a significant upgrade to the task manager. Start it , select the performance tab and then at bottom right corner select the resource monitior. Try downloading a warehouse model and you can watch via the tabs on left ie cpu, memory etc usage. Presently I cannot say what to look for but maybe something will show its self.
I’m on W7 so hope they did not remove in W8

I also am having the exact issue thexxamtzxx is having. Windows 8.1 and every time I search the warehouse it crashes at some random point, usually as I am scrolling down in the warehouse. I lost a few hours of work in the first two snafu’s, but quickly learned to save repeatedly. I get no error report, just a flat crash of the sketchup software. I have no cookies in IE as I never use it.

Did you capture any of the task manager info I suggested above. Without specific info it is guessing game and chances of helping you are slim to none. The fact info is not provided leads one to conclude it is not worth our time to help??

Same issues here… I have Google Chrome set as my default browser, running Windows 7 in Parallels… Just scrolling down model lists in Warehouse and Sketchup crashes… :confused: