Whats happened to top menu bar in SU 2016?

Just installed the new version of Sketchup 2016 but its missing the top menu bar, no options to install. Whats happened to it - or is this a mis-install?

The menus are missing? Do you see the very top of the window? If so, it sounds like your installation went bad. Try reinstalling it.

By the way, it would be helpful if you would complete your profile with operating system, graphics card and SU version.

Go View/Toolbars and select the ones you want from the dialog. Position them as you want them. You can then right click on any toolbar and you’ll get a drop down of all toolbars.

Ah, maybe that’s it. I thought he was referring to the line with the menus across the top. Otherwise know as the Menu bar.

Who knows, could be the local Chinese takeaway menu…


Now THAT’S a great idea for an extension!

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I’m talking about the bar which contains things like warehouse, save copy views plugins etc, I did mention that it is the latest version 2016. Not an upgrade I installed it as a download onto a new surface pro 4. I’ll try a reinstall.

I’m still confused Geoff. the menu bar contains File, Edit, View, Camera, etc. as I showed in my screen shot.

Are you referring to a toolbar? Did you look in View>Toolbars?

The menu bar that sits below File Edit View etc, this menu contains the open, views, plugins etc, an important menu bar - see attached, this is how it looks on my desktop computer, the recently installed version (2016) does not have this bar, its completly missing, all I have is the Toolbar which I have situated on the left hand side of the screen.
I installed it from the Trimble site, Sketchup Pro 2016 installed onto a new MS Surface Pro 4 i7 x 256gigs RAM.
I’ll delete and retry.
My prersent version of Sketchup is offering a newer version but till I know whats going on I’m not going anywhere near it.

Aha! That’s the toolbar not menu bar. Now that we know what you’re referring to, we can get down to business. You can turn off the Getting Started toolbar and turn on most of those other toolbars.

I don’t think you’ll need to reinstall SketchUp at all. Just set up the toolbars you want. for the ones on the left you can use the Large toolset or make a couple of custom toolbars. I did the latter because there are tools I don’t need on the Large toolset.

It looks like you should turn on the following toolbars: Standard, Shadows, Location, Warehouse, Solid Tools, and Styles

Thanks, I’ve been using SketchUp for many years and am very familiar with customising it. There are absolutely no options in the view toolbar menu for the top toolbar at all (regardless of what it is called), this is the first place I checked and am familiar with setting all this up, I’ve set SU up many times. This is becoming circular, I’ll reinstall and see what’s what then.

Open any toolbar from the list. Push it against the top of the workspace. It will dock and create a bar for you to add other toolbars to.

OMG I LOVE the drag and drop customization for the toolbars - Love the whole product!

One last shot at this problem. I have reinstalled Sketchup Pro, it’s a licenced copy. After installing adding licence etc, this is how it looks on opening, the only thing I have done is select the large tool set. As I have said before the tool / menu bar that’s usually across the top of the screen and situated below the File Edit View etc menus is missing. There is no provision I can find to install them, why its missing beats me as it’s so useful. This bar usually includes, Copy Cut, Redo, Views, Shadow Settings, Intersect, etc and can park plugins there - and I know it can be dragged around and customised, that’s not the point, the point is that the bar is not there at all… This is a just downloaded copy of Sketchup Pro installed on a brand new MS Surface Pro 4, 16 gigs RAM i7 processor.

Maybe it’s a Surface - Sketchup problem, older versions of Photoshop don’t work properly on Surface, maybe that’s it.

Have you looked at my animation!?

There is no bar there if you don’t have a bar to put there. It’s not a special bar with those tools. Toolbars Dock to the top of the work space. If you have nothing ticked besides Large tool set, which will only dock at the side, then there is nothing that can appear at the top.

Tick the box next to the Getting Started toolbar and that toolbar will appear at the top of the workspace.