What's going on with my Model? Sizing seems to have gone weird

Hi All,
I am wondering if someone might give me an idea as to what I have done here… I initially made this model and it has been printed out at full size, about 1540mm tall, but it seems to have an grown massively somehow! When I use the tape measure, it is returning an enormous value that is way out. I have included this picture. Have I inadvertently done something wrong here?

Without seeing the actual file, it’s hard to know what you might have done. However, you can easily put it right by simply typing 1540 into the measurement box. You will then be asked if you want to scale the whole drawing down to that dimension. Looks like the answer would be yes.

Use the Tape Measure too to scale the model to correct size.
See this video tutorial:

Tape Measure Tool

Hi George, thanks so much for chiming in. I will try this when I get into work tomorrow. I have a fear that it will reduce to a microscopic level but I will soon find out!

Thanks again.

Your object is almost half a kilometer tall !
Group it and edit it so you don’t affect the rest of the model’s contents.
Within the edit - re-pick the two points with the Tapemeasure tool, the Measurement Box will shown a giant height.
Type 1540mm then press ‘enter’- when prompted reply Yes to Scaling.
Do NOT click in the Measurement Box [that will exit the tool], just type and its value should change to suit.

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